Choosing The Right Sunscreen This Summer



Sunscreens protect your skin from the dangerous Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. Just like you choose different creams like moisturizers, cleaners or toners according to your skin type, similarly it is important that you select the right SPF according to your skin type. To protect your skin not only from tan, but from wrinkles and fatal disease like cancer, you need a sunscreen which provides your skin with complete protection against both the UVB and UVA rays. There are some tips which will help you choose the right sunscreen for your skin this summer.


Oily Skin 

If you have an oily skin, then you should go for a sunscreen that is in the gel form or is water based. It will not only give your skin a cooling effect, but will also prevent it from summer breakouts. To prevent your skin from oil you can can use sunscreens with 45 SPF.



Normal Skin

If you have a normal and healthy skin you can use any lotion having SPF in it. The lotion based sunscreen will give your face a right amount of hydration in the summer due to which your skin will look fresh. For normal skin you can use lotions with 15 to 30 SPF.



Dry skin

Well, if you have a dry skin, then you should go for sunscreens with high levels of SPF. High levels of SPF will give your skin the right amount of moisture in summer and will prevent it from flaking and sebum. For dry skin you should use sunscreens with SPF up-to 75.