What people are saying about us..

"I received my Derma Roller……I love it!! Told my friends about it as well. I am 64 years old and I can certainly use a tool like this. I have paid between 75-100 dollars on a Dermabrasion session and I did not see results at all, so I am very excited in using my new roller. I will do a follow up at the end of February and don’t forget use the Vitamin C following the procedure. Also I am ordering the 2 inch for my body".



 "I got this as a birthday present for my girlfriend in December and she loves the results. She highly recommends it and she recommends using vitamin c serum with it which makes the skin perfect".

Norair Wartan


 "I wasn’t really sure how this works, and looks scary with needles. A friend of mine recommended it to me after using it few times her acne scars disappeared. I’m a male in my 30s and have a scar that I want to get rid of. I watched few how to videos on how derma rollers work and after few uses I noticed the scar started to get smaller. I now use the derma roller once a day at night and will use it until the scar is completely gone".